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kaixaoi's Journal

Aoi and Kai Love
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KaixAoi fanfiction
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This community is dedicated to the pairing of KaixAoi from The GazettE. Everything posted to the community will revolve around this pairing. We can allow things dealing with only Kai or only Aoi, but the main purpose is them together. There shall be yaoi (malexmale) in this community, so if you dont feel comfortable with it, then please dont join. Otherwise, please read the rules and enjoy the community! ^^


What youre allowed to post:
-Basically anything related to this pairing


1)Respect each other. We dont want wars/flaming happening around here. If you dont like someones work, then dont comment on it. Criticism is good, but dont be downright rude.
2)Plagiarism will not be tolerated!
3)If you feel that anything is wrong, just contact the mods.
4)Any large posts and fanfictions should go behind an lj cut.
5)Any entries with adult material must be f-locked.
6)Fanfiction should have the following format (or at least something similar):

In no way or form do we own the members of The GazettE or are making any profit from this. This is just for our pure entretainment.


Mod: soumei email: me@laceyh.com

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